A successful hunt starts well before you touch down in the wilderness. It starts with answering your questions, helping you plan and working with you to set realistic expectations. Before you get here, it means flying the area to monitor game, clearing trails and maintaining our cabins. Once you arrive in Whitehorse, it means getting you settled and organized for your trip into the bush. In the bush it means great camp food, quality gear, and a great attitude no matter what the conditions. And after the hunt, it means professional trophy care, seeing you off with a smile and following up to get your feedback on how we can improve next time. You see we believe that you, the client, are at the centre of the hunt. Not the animal, not the guide, but you.



1) We're family owned and operated – Every one of the owners' last names is Cosco.

2) We're Yukon based – We all live in Whitehorse and have an amazing network of family and friends willing to help out whenever and wherever needed.

3) Outfitting is our only job – We put all our time and effort towards improving your hunting experience.

4) High moose density – Quote from study done in our concession:  “We estimate that there were 1,352 ± 18% moose in the total survey area, which was equal to a density of about 248 moose per 1,000 km2 of total area. This is above the Yukon-wide average of about 155 moose per 1,000 km2 of total area.”  Read the full study here.          

5) Year-round scouting – With the close proximity to Whitehorse and our own planes, we can keep an eye on our guide territory throughout the year.

6) Holistic game management – We combine limited harvest with aggressive predator management.

7) Fly-in access only – All our hunts are fly in only. This allows us to steer clear of the areas more accessible by residents to ensure we don’t bother each other.

8) Variety of hunting styles – We offer backpack, horseback, boat, and ATV hunts.

9) Professional trophy care – We have a deal with North Fork Taxidermy in Whitehorse to handle all our trophy care and crating, included in the price of your hunt.

10) Well-maintained accommodations – We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to make it as comfortable as possible.

11) All-inclusive pricing – There are no hidden fees.

12) Good camp food – While the menu is still traditional camp food, we spend time with all our crew pre-season to ensure they know what is expected.