travel to whitehorse

All hunts will start with a flight from Whitehorse into camp.

There are daily direct flights into Whitehorse from Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. We recommend Air North as they are Yukon based, provide the best in-flight service, and are much better to work with when transporting firearms. West Jet and Air Canada also provide flights to Whitehorse, but we feel they should be used as a last resort. They have banned shipping the African Big 5 to restrict hunting with no regard for the massive amounts of money hunting puts into the local economies and conservation efforts. For this reason we do not support West Jet or Air Canada.

If you choose to drive to Whitehorse, it is a beautiful, but very long, trip.  Whitehorse is right on the Alaska Highway, which is a paved road except for the inevitable construction zones. Driving gives you a bit of versatility, but do your homework as it is 1500 miles from the Montana border alone.

You will need to fill out a Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form if you are bringing a firearm into Canada. Please remember that it is illegal to bring in or possess a handgun in Canada without the necessary Canadian permits.


Once in whitehorse

Once you arrive in Whitehorse, we will meet you at the airport to take you to your hotel that we will set up once we have your arrival and departure dates. If you are driving, we will meet you in town to say hello and help you get settled. It is important you arrive at least one day before you are scheduled to fly into camp. 

Whitehorse has plenty of restaurants to choose from, a variety of shops, including Sportslodge where you can grab any last minute hunting supplies, a liquor store for refreshments, and numerous tourist attractions.

On the morning of your charter flight into camp, we will pick you up and take you to the airport or float base where you will board your bush plane. Then you’re really committed.